Drilling by J. S. Hartley

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This book meets the demand for a text on drilling, suitable for young geologists and engineers and will prove to be interesting reading material for their supervisors, who will benefit from reviewing procedures and new techniques. It is designed as a user’s book and does not attempt to be a complete reference, but a concise compilation of the more important facts a geologist or engineer should know in order to plan and supervise a drilling programme.

The subject matter of the book revolves around the concept that targets should be defined precisely and holes planned to reach those targets as economically as possible, which usually means maximum profit to a drill contractor and a satisfied client. The holes are planned around the capability of the operator and his rig as well as considering the rocks to be drilled, their physical characteristics and the terrain. At the same time the text is extremely useful to drillers, particularly the aspects of drill hole deviation and hole control. Furthermore, it will give them a perspective of the geologist's aims and objectives.


There are brief descriptions of the principal drilling methods and the tools each method employs. Those used by the mining and mineral exploration industries are given more attention. The work describes in some detail the way in which the various tools work and discusses their application for numerous styles of target and host rocks. Special attention has been given to hole planning, hole control and contract preparation and supervision, subjects not dealt with adequately in other texts.


A number of useful check lists have been included for the planning and supervision of drilling programmes and details of the many important facets of sample collection and sample treatment are discussed in a practical manner.


The author, a consulting geologist, has been involved in all facets of mineral exploration in Australia and the South Pacific area for 36 years. During this time he has participated in the planning and supervision of numerous drilling programmes which incorporated all types of drilling techniques and has on occasions operated several of the rigs himself.



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